Friday, December 23, 2011

My Little Christmas Box, happiness is in the box

What impatience since my order of November 26!

But it is done, it's there!

The famous Little Box of December, My Little Christmas Box.

I Unveils you, step by step, his ouverture…

Even the packaging is canon and personnalisé…

The logo and the small word soft "someone think you".

At the limo a sublime box illustrated by Kanako circumstance.

As I keep my JolieBox and GlossyBox to pack my gifts, all the Little Box I will keep them very jealously.

A nice package emballé…

And heart rate accelerates!

And here the absolute happiness!!

Three brands to honour in this box.

The first is Lancôme with a nail and a lipstick (full size) collector Kate Winslet.

The small detail that kills: they are coordinated.

Second mark the honour: Decléor.

In miniature format (and not sample): milk Cleanser (75 ml) cream moisturizing Hydra Floral (15 ml) and essential serum (5 ml).

The small detail that kills: cream and serum are in small packaging glass. The must for me.

Third brand in the spotlight: Narcisso Rodriguez.

The adaptations of her Perfume For Her (which I love!): a scented candle (40 g), décolleté cream powdery (10 g), a miniature of perfume (7. 5 ml).

The small detail that kills: this cream for the décolleté is typically the super cool product to test.

The more :

This is exactly the type of concept that I was expecting: of collectors, beautiful packaging and a top choice of range. There is more than excluded or the first forwards and my ideal will be achieved!

We have the fragrance, the care and make-up: happiness what!

The box is sublime and will very quickly become collector.

The less:

No, no, no!

If this is a small query for my apart…

A girl in Nantes received his box yesterday. She had a small goodies illustrated by Kanako.
In mine, no surprises and no goodies…

Certainly the folly of the launch which has made some box are not complete.
I am a small mail to the team and I wish you knew.

I have more than a hastily: receive of January to confirm my coup de coeur!

If you want to learn more, visit the website of My Little Box!

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Pirate, the blood of Chanel

This summer, Magali beauty Blog, spoke of a varnish blood red Chanel.
The photos were very cool, but I wanted to keep it in my hands before know whether Yes or no I take my vest on this umpteenth varnish.

I tried it in stores, at each crossing on a Chanel stand, I rummaging the tiroirs… without ever putting the top hand.
I finished by saying that he had become collector (and the frustration was at its worst!).

Then, without necessarily the search, I fell on it completely by chance, in a small Marionnaud of Saint Germain en Laye.

I opened the tester, multi-coloured the nail of my thumb, and I pushed a hysterical cry: " is perfect!". "".

Unlike many bloggers, I am stiff varnishes Chanel crazy.

Actually, they are more expensive than others, but I confess that it is my small touch of luxury (failure to buy me the fabulous Chanel bag which I dream since and evolved).

For info the crossing, at the moment, in Marionnaud, the second purchased product has a 40% discount.

I love its brightness and the violence of the color.

It is a true varnish character, rock and class both.

It makes you a rock star or a femme fatale!

I like it to love.

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Chinese traditional massage 2 steps from Paris: LANQI

Looking for a different, intense, traditional and authentic massage?
I have an address for you!

LANQI is a Chinese massage salon which combines care and culture.

Because in China, the massages have therapeutic and preventive virtues.
Osteoarthritis, problem of blood circulation, muscle aches, migraines… Our daily pain can be relieved.

Very honestly, my experience of therapeutic messages is very limited.
I tried once a Thai massage in Paris, it was very good, but totally different this Chinese massage.

In LANQI, massage lasted 1: 30 pm and I confess you immediately: the first 30 minutes were not a part of pleasure.

The "Lady" has found a small ball of tension in my right shoulder blade and as long as the ball had not disappeared, and well it mass again and again.

Except that tension balls that's archi evil!
And for half an hour I had the impression that it triturait me.

I confess everything and I arrived with back in bulk: I hump at home in the sofa, I am perched on high heels and are particularly heavy bags.
All the bad examples for screw up his back.

After this rather painful mouth, I lived 1 h of total plénitude…
My small ball of tension was gone, and my muscles have Cliffhanger each to each.

The supreme happiness: the frictionnage of haunch!

Energetic movements, the masseuse machine legs from the ankle to the hips and then in down.
It's fabulous against heavy legs!

Attention, this type of massage is not reserved for comforters, but if you want to relieve some Bobo of the daily, I strongly invite you to make an appointment!

Here is the link to their website where you will find the list of benefits and symptoms can be treated.

And rates are more than reasonable!
For example, 1 h 30 massage body + head: 68 euros.

The salon is open Monday to Sunday, from 10 h to 22 h: you have no reason to not try.
18 rue Beffroy, 92200 Neuilly sur Seine
09 53 58 55 61

A huge thanks to Sandrine for this discovery!

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Saturday, December 17, 2011


Which is great for Christmas is you can drop you on the wishlists, real or not elsewhere. Must be said that with the hype you can hardly go next. Not to mention the family regularly asks that you "bon you want what to Noël?" ^ is with:)

It is an opportunity to dream and not to pay attention to price, bah what!:)

my wishlist: asos, pull and bear, zara, topshop, etsy.
and I made short because the notion of price is always in a corner of the head;)


New topic, new feel like a new look. I found it on the site of zara, category people. A true mine of inspirations! More is the shirt that I showed you in my previous note, it makes it super well, with a cape is superb.I put you the link to his blog.Good week end, for my part I'm going there top mountain test the waters of snow;)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My selection of dresses and shoes in BrandAlley

It is a section of a new genus that I propose today. Say it on, it is a sponsored article.

Until then, I had not had the opportunity to introduce you to things that could have seem me interesting... Between the proposals for capsules of moisturizing cream, transparent strings or even the footwear Halle, I knew that choose (although I have nothing against Hall, but I didn't see the interest to present a pair of shoes that I was not, just to have a purchase order).

I wanted to present something that looks like me really and especially can you please. Then why I said yes? First Brandalley is an online sales site which offers brands that I buy in every day life. I have appointed Manoush, Paul & Joe sister, American Retro or even Lollipops to cite them. And especially, because I thought about you, this site offers private sales and outlet of the previous collections at broken prices, and it is cool.

Then this is a small selection of my favourite shoes and dresses that hides my next dress already in route...Can you find it?

Held n ° 1:

A pretty girl dress....

454937 6


Girly desire... shoes

  Held n ° 2:

A Preppy Manoush dress like I love...

474738 3


These really fantastic derbies

504550 2

Held n ° 3:

A 70's dress

572354 1


Offset boots

474960 2

Held n ° 4:

A glamorous dress

473834 3                                                                                            +

Rock boots

652476 2

Then, what is your favorite outfit? Well I would let me try this next dress...I return very quickly with a new article with the look,.

Good week end!

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

For Christmas: After the FIR, the handbag bag...

You know Oh how I love handbags, can even say that it is a passion in me. I have seen in my dear Clara that she had made her "wishlist" of handbags to complement its beautiful collection, which made me want to mine. Christmas approaching and especially my birthday ten days after (the Moldy where date: is the re-entry of the holidays, everyone too much day and no longer has a penny with a small gastro bonus) then for me comfort of this coup of fate (if, if) this is my selection of handbags.

Cabas "Chyc" of Yves Saint Laurent, I believe that his name is enough to even...

279079 BUB0G 1000 A-ysl-women-leather-tote-470x550

The "Elsie" of Chloé bag I love its vintage closure and colour beige-dew...


The Givenchy "Nightingale": A tote bag perfectly representing the quality and the discretion of the mark...

397635-Givenchy-Sac-Nightingale ZOOM

The model "Luggage Phantom" of Céline: no but what design! Then the lined red mole color...

winter 2011 leathergoods 30

This dit, I do cracherai on a 2.55...A or a Balenciaga wise;)

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